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Bozarth CM was formed to be a full-service, client-oriented construction management firm, which is consistent with Mr. Bozarth's vision of timely perfection. Since its inception, the Company has provided leading edge consulting services for comprehensive management of the construction process from concept through design, construction and occupancy. Bozarth CM has managed projects totaling over $1.5 billion in project value, with over seventy-five million square feet. Despite the enormity of each project, the company has never missed a completion date or exceeded a budget. A list of projects performed by the Company is included within this website.

Who protects the client's interest during the construction or remodeling of a commercial building? In most cases, no one does: Not the architects, engineers, general contractors or subcontractors. Each seems more intent on maximizing their own interests than focusing on delivering a high quality economically sound project outcome for the client /owner which retained them. As a result, most building construction projects miss deadlines and run seriously over budget while all parties bicker over who is at fault and who shall pay. Bozarth CM's immeasurable integrity has provided a path to develop a better way by focusing on the needs and objectives of the individual client; we know that no two projects are the same. Each client has different needs and ideas, which is why we are continuously exploring new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new ways of collaborating.

We work closely with our clients to learn about their culture in order to support their strategies and help them achieve their goals and dreams. Exceeding clients' expectations demands a proactive, hands-on approach, which is the cornerstone of our success. Bozarth CM assists the clients by education them on the process they are about to embark.

Michael Bozarth, founder of Bozarth CM with over twenty-six years of construction experience, is recognized as one of the premier construction management professionals in the industry. He has built his reputation from a strong focus on satisfying the requirements of his end user clients:

Saving them money
Assuring the project is completed on time
Maintaining excellence in the final product
Providing a comprehensive service that minimizes the burden on the client

As a licensed General Contractor, Michael recognizes the success of each building project or tenant improvement should not be at the expense of the contractor or sub-contractors. Rather, he seeks a balance where every participant in the project experiences an equitable result.

This concept is incorporated as a key ingredient of Bozarth CM services and accounts for the strong demand for the Company's Professional advice from commercial building owners and developers.

As a result, Bozarth CM's list of satisfied customers is escalating along with the number of construction, engineering and architectural firms seeking to partner with them.

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