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Start Up

Hit the Ground Running
Define Goals, Objectives, and Success Measures
Define team roles
Set schedule and budget
Site Tour
Evaluate Existing Conditions
Integrate people, process and place
Understand your business goals, culture and work process
Uncover the main project drivers
Ask the right questions, solve the right issues


Workspace space needs
Specialty Areas
Support Space
Program Report

Strategic Planning

Organizational Behavior
Business Planning
Work Process
Inter & Intra Working Relationships
Long -Term Organizational Requirements
Building Analysis
Feasibility Study
Consolidation Analysis
Technological Advances
Internet & Intranet

Space Requirements Analysis

Personnel Projections
Auxiliary Space Requirements
Space Standards
Adjacency Analysis
Re-stacking Analysis
Building Analysis
Area Calculations

Schematic Budget

Schematic Space Plan
Schematic Design Concepts
Schematic Budget
Maximize Efficiencies
Increase Communication
Provide Flexibility
Explore Options

Design Development

Design Development Concept
Design Development Budget
Detailed Furniture Budget
Detailed Furniture Plan
Virtual Concepts
Quality of Space
Integrate Consultants
Furniture Selection
Technology Solutions
Equipment Surveys
“Future Proof”
Climate Control
Wire Management

Working Drawings

Architectural Working Drawings
Engineering Design Criteria
Engineering Drawing Coordination
City Planning Department Review & Approval
Consultant Coordination
Coordination with Building Owner

Construction Administration

Construction Bid Package
Construction Bid Review & Analysis
Construction Observation
Manage Submittal Process
Construction Cost Review & Analysis
Manage Payment Review & Analysis
Create Punch List
Post Construction Activities
Construction Warranty & Maintenance Manual
Review of Bids
Subcontractor Selections
Weekly Meeting
Site Surveys
RFI’s & Change Order Review
Shop Drawing & Submittal Review
Review of Payment Application

Furniture Administration

Furniture Installation Drawings
Furniture Specifications
Furniture Bid Package
Furniture Status Report
Furniture Punch List
Furniture Warranty & Maintenance Manual


Post Occupancy
Accommodates Change
Easy to Maintain
Improve Overall Aesthetics & Function
Project Long Term Capital
Reinforce Culture, Image & Identity
Augment Quality of Life
Enhance Productivity
Enhance Communication
Address Collaboration & Privacy Needs
Attract & Retain Talent

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