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Bozarth CM, is a construction/project management firm with regional offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Orange County, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, Mclean, VA, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas and Washington, D.C. Principals of the firm have worked throughout the United States and abroad since 1982, providing leading edge consulting services for comprehensive management of the construction process from concept through design, construction, and occupancy.Syndicated Office Systems

Bozarth CM has managed projects totaling over $1.5 billion dollars in project value, over seventy-five million square feet, and has never missed a completion date or exceeded a budget. That record has been achieved through an unconditional commitment to meeting our client's goals. Bozarth CM's construction management experts are available to provide end user representation, database systems, cost control, precise documentation and scheduling diverse projects.

The Bozarth CM Team includes specialists in:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Governmental and regulatory interfacing
  • License and permit expediting
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Quality control/quality assurance
  • Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering
  • Environmental issues
  • Architecture
  • Interior space analysis and development

Biltmore Hotel & Office TowerThe professionals at Bozarth CM understand the importance of meeting projected occupancy dates and use proven scheduling techniques to accomplish timely occupancy. We evaluate each project to discover opportunities to lower costs, accelerate the completion schedule while maintaining the highest standards.

BozarthCM Arizona:    602 381 3993 (fax: 602 381 1991)
BozarthCM California: 213 620 0707 (fax:213 688 1413)
BozarthCM email: mbozarth@earthlink.net

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