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  • Health Care Industry Experience
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    Over the last fifteen years, Bozarth CM ( " BCM " ) partners have had vast experience dealing with most major national health care companies, both public and private. This experience is not limited just to real estate development, construction and/or construction management, which are BCM'S primary operations, but also includes significant legal, transactional, operational, finance and facilities related activities. What this experience does for a health care client is not only to bring a high level of familiarity with how those facilities were operated by the different entities that have owned them, but also how those facilities might or might not match with the operational goals of a specific company which may be considering a purchase, sale, lease or joint venture. Because BCM has the ability to evaluate more than just the physical aspect of its clients' facilities, BCM can also provide a client with facility management and operational analysis all the way from operating expenses to the handling of toxic and medical waste.


  • Over 33 years combined experience in the health care field with the nation's largest health care companies.
  • Completion of hundreds of health care company transactions, including: M&A of over seven operating divisions, consisting of over 1,200 separate facilities and over 500 real estate transactions including almost 300 leases.
  • Construction and design of over $250 million worth of health care facilities for some of the Nation's largest health care companies, totaling over 4,500,000 sq. ft.
  • BCM partners are directly responsible for many of the real estate practices & procedures, including state of the art facility management programs for many of the nation's largest health care companies.
  • BCM uses, among other analytical tools, the same data bases, automated management programs, and information management systems as many of the nations health care firms.
  • BCM partners have firsthand experience and have physically inspected hundreds of health care facilities throughout the US and internationally, including: Acute care facilities, long term care facilities (both skilled and convalescent), congregate care campuses, outpatient care facilities, medical office building and others. See the attached exhibit for a representative list of those facilities.


    BCM has been employed by many corporations to inspect and analyze potential and recently acquired facilities and is very sensitive to the unique circumstances of an acquisition. Time is of the essence for the assimilation of new facilities into the management system of the purchaser and BCM along with your chosen real estate professional.



    In addition to the management resources BCM can offer a health care company in buying, selling and/or analyzing existing facilities; BCM's real strength is in the construction management of changes to those facilities or the ground up construction of new facilities. BCM's experience is in all areas of medical development whether it is high rise, mid-rise, quasi industrial, clinics, retail or medical suites. It is in these situations that BCM can assure its clients that they will meet their budgets and move in on time. Construction management is the backbone of BCM's operation because it is from this discipline that BCM has come to intimately know and understand the development of health care facilities and what a client needs to operate them successfully.



    The following are BCM's principal partners in it's health care group:

    Michael W. Bozarth is the partner-in-charge of BCM's operations and he has been in the construction, development and construction management consulting business for over twenty years. In that time he has been a contractor and developer in California's central valley and for the last thirteen years a construction management consultant responsible for the construction of over 3 million square feet of projects throughout the United Stares. Mr. Bozarth's clients include many Fortune 500 companies, international manufacturers and finance companies, national law firms as well as many of the country's largest national and regional private companies. Mr. Bozarth's health care experience includes projects throughout the Unites States for National Medical Enterprises, Inc., Psychiatric Institutes of America as well as many individual and privately help hospitals and clinics.

    Michael W. Diener, a partner in BCM, has been in the health care industry for over fifteen years with American Medical International ("AMI"). While Mr. Diener was at AMI it was one of the country's largest health care companies and he was responsible for overseeing all regional aspects of AMI's construction and renovation projects. He was responsible for and oversaw the ground-up construction of over eight acute care facilities as well as comprehensive renovation and consolidation projects of dozens of AMI facilities. Mr. Diener has overseen many health care projects for dozens of AMI facilities. Mr. Diener has also overseen many health care projects in the Middle East and Europe. Prior to joining BCM Mr. Diener was a consultant to American Health Properties, Real Estate Investment Trust and was responsible for overseeing its development of new facilities, renovation and facility expansion.

    Mary Grbic, IIDA, is currently the Senior Vice President of Bozarth CM. Mary brings over fifteen years of experience directing, managing and designing projects for corporate, high technology, medical, industrial and institutional clients. Ms. Grbic successfully combines project team leadership, an understanding of the construction process, and strong client skills. Mary's project management experience includes site evaluation, lease negotiation, contract negotiation, project planning, scheduling, budgeting and code compliance, construction administration and tenant development.

    John Stokes, PE, Senior Project Manager for Bozarth CM, is a registered professional engineer with twenty years of experience in facility design and development, engineering management and construction as a project manager for general contractors and owners. Mr. Stokes projects have included a wide range of construction activity: office buildings in both the public and private sector (including "base building" and "tenant" renovation projects), sewage treatment facilities, subway construction, hospital renovation, computer facilities, schools and barracks.

    Arturo Jimenez, is an expert in the furniture industry. His understanding of how to best fit the furniture process into the whole project management scheme has saved clients a great deal of time, money and frustration. Often times there is a great deal of unforeseen expense and unplanned time delays due to systems furniture difficulties. His presence on a project eliminates these concerns for the client.

    Bill Jonas, has negotiated and managed international contracts in excess of half of a billion dollars. He has also been involved in several major acquisitions, including managing an effort to procure launch services for a full telecommunications constellation satellite. During this time, he negotiated with several foreign firms never dealt with in a commercial marketplace before this time.



  • Acute care facilities: BCM partners have been involved in all aspects (including: development, buying and selling, leasing and construction) of over 70 acute care facilities throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Medical office buildings: BCM partners have been involved in all aspects of over 120 MOB's throughout the United States.
  • Clinics: BCM partners have been involved in all aspects of over 250 clinics throughout the United States and Europe. These activities have included joint ventures between hospitals and/or doctor groups in all types of configurations including freestanding, converted and clinics in MOB's and/or acute care facilities.
  • Rehabilitation hospitals and recovery centers: BCM partners have been involved in all aspects of over 200 facilities throughout the United States.
  • Durable medical equipment facilities: In addition to operating these types of facilities BCM partners have been involved in all other aspects of over 500 of these types of facilities.
  • Long term care facilities: In addition to having extensive transactional and financing experience with these types of facilities, BCM partners have been involved in all other aspects of over 500 skilled and convalescent facilities throughout the United States.
  • Psychiatric hospitals: BCM partners have been involved in all aspects of over 200 facilities throughout the United States.
  • Executive, administrative, accounting and computer: BCM partners have developed, bought, sold, leased, built, expanded, remodeled, and/or converted over one and a half million square feet of this type of space which directly supports health care operations.



    " If being on or ahead of schedule combined with real savings were not enough…(BCM) has exceeded all expectations with respect to professionalism and depth of experience and it's scope of abilities.

    " Any company with projects that are cost, quality and time sensitive would be well served with (BCM) managing their project "

    Robert B. Scott, II
    Vice President of Real Estate
    National Medical Enterprises, Inc

    " l Months have passed since we moved into our new offices. This is enough time for me to be able to appreciate the lasting quality of the work your firm did. I want to put on record my appreciation to Bozarth CM for the accomplishment, which Iridium will continue to enjoy for many years.

    " Iridium's new facility has received many compliments from it's investors, staff and visitors. All in all, it was a job very well done, for which Bozarth CM has my lasting gratitude. "

    Yvonne Brown
    Director, Facilities and Operations Iridium, LLC

    " Your assistance regarding lease negotiations and site selection have saved us invaluable time and money. As promised, construction has been both on time and within budget. We couldn't be happier. "

    Peggy Enquist
    Director of Facilities
    Lord, Bissell & Brook



  • Mayo Clinic
  • National Medical Enterprises
  • Orthologic
  • Palm Valley Medical Center
  • Samaritan Health Care Systems
  • Triwest Healthcare Alliance
  • Wickenburg Community Hospital
  • American Cancer Society
  • Avesis Dental Office
  • Community Hospice Care
  • Integrated Physician Services
  • Systemed
  • Woodland hills Medical Clinic
  • Lone Pine Community Hospital
  • Psychiatric Institutes of America