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Bozarth CM ensures that, at any time, the authorized representative of the Owner can look to the Project Manager to receive a timely and well-informed response to any question relating to the project, or to take prompt action in response to an Owner directive.

Quality Control Plan - The objective of the Quality Control Plan is to deliver a Project that meets all the program requirements, design standards and code requirements, while satisfying the needs and functional requirements of the prospective occupants as they, themselves, perceive those needs.

Quality Control is much more than ensuring that the product meets the specification. Quality is an attitude that is a hallmark of all members of the Bozarth CM team. This attitude is contagious and can be spread to every individual working on the project by letting the individual works know what is expected of them and how important their individual efforts are to the overall success of the project. Bozarth CM team members spend significant amount of time on the job site, not just to review progress, but also to review the quality of the work and to let the individual workers know what is expected and how they are doing.

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that each and everyone on the job is fully committed and involved with Quality Control. "Quality is built in, not added on".

Quality Assurance/Quality Control - The objective is to provide a process for monitoring the quality of construction produced by the general contractor and trade contractors. The system is designed to focus on prevention of non-conformance and is intended to result in a project, which complies in every respect with the requirements of the project plans and specifications.

Initial Quality Assurance/Quality Control will be accomplished in part through the use of checklists prior to the start of any new work activity on site. Those items noted in the inspections and surveillance as non-conforming will be monitored through a follow-up process until the non-conforming item is corrected.

1. Implementing a formal quality monitoring systems for all work for which the general contractor, and trade contractors are responsible.

2. Submitting to the Construction superintendent applicable quality reports and checklists.

3. Documenting trade contractor follow-up through the use of logs and submitting a list of incorrect non-conforming items.

a. Performing periodic surveillance of the quality on the project and d at off-site fabrication shops and manufacturing facilities.

b. Reviewing the quality reports and checklists prepared by superintendents and Engineers.

c. Reviewing the list of incorrect non-conforming items with the superintendents and determining appropriate action.

d. Notify the trade contractor in writing of failure to respond to field instruction issued.

e. Implementing a follow-up system to ensure that corrective action is taken on all non-conformance issues noted in independent testing laboratory reports.

In addition to controlling the hard construction costs of the project Bozarth CM will review the design and working drawings to help eliminate items, which may have an adverse effect on the operating expenses of the facility.

Bozarth CM will rely on the experience of their professional staff in managing high quality design and construction and to control the cost without sacrificing quality.

Bozarth CM personnel work directly with the design team to scrutinize the design, engineering and purchasing process to control costs through comprehensive and precise specifications, effective contract negotiations and volume material purchase.

Throughout the design phase, resources from Bozarth CM will be called upon to utilize their construction management expertise to control the estimated project cost and budget. The design is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure it is consistent with the established budget, and the goals and objectives of the Owner. During the design process, construction costs are checked at the design concept and the schematic design phase and design development phases, and again, during the construction document phase.

Costs will be controlled through the overall Project Budget. This document summarizes, line by line, the budgeted cost of each component of project cost and actual cost to date. It is the principle cost control mechanism maintained by the Project Manager to ensure the status of each cost item is known at any point in the Project.

The Project Manager has the responsibility to ensure the construction cost stays within the approved Construction Cost Budget.

When Bozarth CM is included as part of the pre-construction team, the process of value analysis and conceptual estimating greatly reduces the probability of change order proliferation. By working as a team, the Owner, Architect and Bozarth CM move through the pre-construction phase while fine honing the concept and budget consideration.

Change Orders then become the product of the Owner’s conscious decision to change the scope or upgrade a feature. And, even then, it is with the complete knowledge of the cost, provided by Bozarth CM prior to the execution of the change order.

The Owner is always in charge of this process and controls the decision to proceed or not proceed with any change order. The Owner is always aware of the total cost, the consequences of change, and the value of time. The Owner is always informed so intelligent choices can be made. This process gives the Owner control of the purse strings of the project, and results in a success for every member of the team.

As for Quality Control, Bozarth CM views its role as that of a FACILITATOR AND IMPLEMENTOR. Our responsibility is to bring together the proper construction expertise and then RELATE that expertise to the engineering disciplines and specialty contractors and subcontractors in such a way that the CLIENT is served as best as is technically possible.

1. Guarantee of adherence to the full intent of the contract documents.
2. Assurance of the highest standards of field workmanship.
3. Confirmations that the materials utilitized are of the highest quality and in full accordance with the specifications and certifications.
4. Ascertainment by testing, as required, that the finished products meet or exceed specified standards.

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